My Vital Stats

No, it's not what you think.. just a few stats that I remember or have cooked up. Half-truths?

Born 1960, citizen of undivided A.P. , India. Single and ready to mingle till 1988. No more.

Speaks (some) Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Hyderabadi, English.

Paid Jobs- New Horizons (Ad agency), MBA (Marketing Research), Clemson Univ., Lander, XIMB, Vignana Jyoti, Kirloskar (Harihar, a beautiful place), IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode (learnt how to pronounce it!), PESIT, IFIM (both at Bangalore), IMT Nagpur, IMT Ghaziabad, IIM Indore. Unpaid-Husband, father, son, etc.

Countries Visited- Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, The Bahamas, Holland, Dubai. Appreciated the need for Swachchata Abhiyaan after these. Learning-East or West, India is the best. All major colonial powers thought so too.

Skills- reading, writing, joking, cooking.

Hole-in-one: Twice, at the Kodaikanal and Wellington Golf Clubs.

Past students- a million. Those in touch- Half a million.

Member- Google mail, Yahoo mail, egroups, Facebook, Blogspot, A music group (Hindi), ELMAR

Interests- Anything interesting-meeting new people or old friends, drinking good whisky, micro-brewed beer, good wine, playing/teaching Golf, talking about it, shooting the breeze, staring into space, developing new courses, writing blogs, G.K., puns, films, film songs, travel, food-especially biryani and Irani chai.

Hate: You guessed it- shopping. Mosquitoes, except talking ones.

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