Lois Lane from Superman

The original Superman movie from the 70s had Christopher Reeve as hero and Lois Lane, his co-worker on the Daily Planet newspaper was played by Margot Kidder. She is no more, according to a news report.

Women had small roles in Superman type films, but Margot made her presence felt, and was identified with this character because of her innocent looks- I still remember the scene where Superman takes her out on a joy-flight with him.

Super-characters are always successful, because they can change things in a jiffy. The Superman movie had a scene where he turns the earth backwards so that some bad events taking place don't happen when it starts turning the right way.

The fantasies help take away the pain of everyday life for lots of people, and are usually successful diversions. Of course, living in a fantasy world after you get out of the theatre may not be a great thing, and tough to pull off anyway.

RIP, Margot Kidder.

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