Vacationing in Coimbatore

Never shun a vacation. My motto now for the foreseeable future. This one was a good one for many reasons. Number 1, I met old friends from my days in Kirloskar and IMT Nagpur, at Coimbatore. Number 2, I played Golf. Number 3, I got to see a new resort/guest house in Coonoor with a Golf Academy attached-well, almost! Fourth, it was raining merrily all the time we were there-actually started in the air!! Delayed our landing by half an hour. Had a pilot who was from Honduras-that's a first!

Wellington Golf Club. My second visit, after 2016 December.
A Golf Academy..Pooja in training..

 We practiced too.

Brilliant view.
Another view from the Golf Academy. Coonoor Kotagiri Road.


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