Nude-Marathi Film Review

Another great offbeat film in Marathi. I am happy to be living through a renaissance in Marathi films. After Dadasaheb Phalke showed the way, films in the language had lost their way for a while trying to imitate Bollywood- and failing.

The director (Ravi Jadhav) needs to get an award just for making this film. Not many would have dared, given the negativity we usually associate with nudity-until a few years ago, kissing on screen was not allowed, just to give you some perspective. Not only has he made the film, it is a sensitive portrayal of a mother and wife (Kalyanee Mulay) who expects some gratitude and love from her husband and son, but finds it instead in a set of art students.

The way the scenes are shot, you even forget the lack of clothing when it happens, and concentrate on the feelings of the characters. And there are two strong women characters (Chhaya Kadam plays the second) in it. There is also a hat doffed to M.F. Hussain in one Painter's character who appears 8barefoot in the film, and some of the dialogue (it is minimalistic, mostly), makes you think about where the world is headed in freeing up thought and art.

Cinematography and acting are first rate, and in my view, this is a world class film.

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