Reading Yashodhara Lal

Another IIMB alum writing a book. This thing is assuming the contours of an epidemic. Thankfully, it does not talk about placements on campus. Those ones got a bit boring. This one is about marriage and its ups (few) and downs (can give one a Down's syndrome, though I have no clue what that is).

Nicely written, 'Just Married, Please Excuse' is a trip through familiar territory through incompatible bride and groom (just what IS compatible in marriage is a mystery that Sherlock or Hercule will be hard put to solve) falling in love and getting married, and assorted foolishness that follows in terms of arguments, catfights and dogfights. Life in a metro elements are there too, in terms of Bangalore blues and Mumbai blues, like living in the neighbourhood of Shah Rukh on Bandstand and the like. Various relatives add to the fun at all points in their life, from before the shaadi to much later.

Entertaining, and comforting, to find that all marriages are alike in some respects. You are not alone in the (married) world.

Congrats, Yashodhara, for letting the writing bug come out in print.


Yashodhara said...

Thank you :-), I appreciate it!

Rajendra said...

Welcome, and look forward to the sequel...getting your kid married!

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