Lata Mangeshkar Museum

Some 300 metres from IIM Indore's gate 2 is a two-storeyed house. This is a remarkable storehouse of Indian film music- all in LP records- named after Lata Mangeshkar. The owner/curator has collected these, and claims that he has all Hindi music ever made for films, from 1932 till 1990.

I spent some time looking at his collection, and got a customised CD made of some of my favourites. In the process, I also figured out what one man can do, if he sets his mind to it. I had converted some of my own collection of Hindi music into cassettes, but that was just a few hundred selected songs over a few years in the seventies.

This collection of records is amazing. To add to this he also has written four voluminous books about the songs of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Might acquire one of them sometime. They are in Hindi, and that may be why I haven't seen them in mainstream bookstores anywhere.



Diamond Head said...

Man lagae to Ges Karo kuch bi ho sakta hai

Rajendra said...

anna, gram achcha hai!

Diamond Head said...

hamari recent gyan prapti mein aaya hai ki Lataji ka koi chahne wala Dungarpur Indori chora thaa? koi conneksun?

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