Best Presentations

What were your best presentations, according to you?

I can remember two or three from my student days-

1. During my MBA days, we made a presentation for Prof. SK Roy's OB course. It was the review of a book called The Tyranny of Testing-a book about why IQ type multiple Choice Tests may not be the best way to test many good things. We worked hard (it was a group presentation), and I remember we did get a lot of applause.

2. The second was a solo by me, for another course, Effective Communication during MBA at IIM Bangalore. I chose Romantic Poets as my theme, and with the aid of Keats, Shelley, Byron and so forth, made a very interesting presentation, I was told by some of the audience.

3. A third that I remember was during a Project Management assignment in a Ph.D. course at Clemson. We decided to present CPM and PERT through a project that James Bond had-On Her Majesty's Secret Service. We watched the film's video and made a PERT chart out of it.

Presentations can be an interesting learning tool, that you may remember long after the lectures have been forgotten.


Diamond Head said...

I recently presented a powerpoint on Bitcoin. To a group of people who manage the world's largest electronic payment network. It was well received but I personally like to get away from slides and just engage in a conversation with the audience.

Harimohan said...

The James Bond idea is brilliant. I am also fascinated by the presentation on romantic poets - I don't understand both - romance and poetry.

Rajendra said...

Thanks, was a romantic idea back then..understanding it is a different thing altogether.

DH, Bitcoin is a bit of a puzzle, really..all currency is virtual, as far as I am concerned, if you are not a Buffet or an Ambani..

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