Three Storeys- Film Review

This is an engrossing Hindi film. There have been earlier attempts to sew together multiple stories in one film, not always successfully. This is the right way to do it.

Richa Chaddha is the narrator, and tells us three stories, with some connection-all the stories are of characters who live in the same three-storeyed chawl (an old style Mumbai building). The stories themselves are very interesting, and each one has a twist which at least I could not guess.

One is about a young boy trying to buy one of the properties in the chawl from an old Goan lady (played well by Renuka Shahane). She has a back-story, but the way it plays out is fantastic.

The second involves a woman married to an abusive husband. She meets a man she had planned to marry earlier, in an unexpected way.

The third is about a love affair between two teens who live in the chawal. Just when you think it is another routine story, comes a twist that socks you in your jaw.

If you like tightly edited films without unnecessary masala, this one's for you. The acting is uniformly good, and the direction, excellent.

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Harimohan said...

That looks like a good movie to watch. Thanks

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