Raid- Film Review

I am a fan of both the husband and (his real) wife. I am talking about Ajay Devgan and Kajol (she's not in this film though). So, it's possible I am biased-but maybe not, coz I did not even see Kajol's last film.

Ok, this movie is surely worth a watch. For many reasons. One, to start believing in the rule of law, and that it can take on the powerful. It happens so rarely within the bounds of rules, that it is worth our support. The 'one-man takes on twenty' fantasies are of course, myths. This seems to have a kernel of truth.

What I found disturbing is that one crooked guy has the gall to approach the country's PM and Fin. Min. for favours-galling, to say the least, even if it's a story. Some of the side characters are really entertaining, like the grandma who keeps slapping her grown-up sons now and then-they fully deserve these, too.

The dialogue and editing are super. Ileana's not bad, though you can guess she would not have too long a role. All in all, a good film about something important.

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