Understanding and Enjoyment

Someone said long ago that Ignorance was Bliss. I would tend to put it a bit differently. You don't need to understand something in order to enjoy it. I don't understand classical music, as I don't know one Raga from another (pun intended). But that does not stop me from enjoying all of them (THAT one included).

This moment of understanding came from a recent outing - one to a friend's place where some authentic Punjabi food (no puns here) was offered and partaken. Rajma, Chawal, Phulka, sabzee and raita, can make a delicious meal, was the takeaway (no, the meal was not a takeaway kind).

Then, there is this place called Bong Adda in Belapur, which we visited for a meal. I don't understand Bong food, but I enjoy it, was the takeaway from here. Mostly, it was mutton. But there was the mandatory rasogulla (made with jaggery instead of sugar) and mishti doi (sweet yogurt/curd) to round it off.

Reminds me of a sign that I saw recently at a shop selling fish- Bengali Fish and Sea Fish, it said. Now, I did not know that fish spoke human languages. One lives and learns, I suppose.


Diamond Head said...

then there is Khuda ha Phees

Rajendra said...

What, you pay fees to Khuda in kind? (Fish)

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