Starry Names

When we named our daughter no. 2 Pooja, there were two actresses around by that name- Bedi and Bhatt were their surnames. I am trying to recall students or colleagues who had starry names -

Jitendra (Sharma) was a colleague at IMT.

Anushka was a student. So were three Aishwaryas- Omprakash, Iyer and Saraswat, more recently.

Sreedevi was a colleague at Bangalore.

There have been a couple of Rajesh-s though not with a Khanna surname. Amitabh is a colleague right here.

Supriya, Shruti (Suman, Shah, Sharma) and Smita are also names of stars- the stars were Pathak, Haasan and Patil, a favourite actress.

Divya (Singh/Sisodiya) reminds me of Divya Bharti, the late actress.

Oormila (spelt differently) and Urmila Matondkar, the star.

Mohnish (Waikar) and Behl, the actor.

Shreyas is an actor's name too- Talpade.

Manisha (Rawat) and Janwadkar are reminders of the Koirala.

Sanjana Rao is a reminder of Sanjana Kapoor.

Pankaj reminds me of Pankaj Kapur, a brilliant actor.

Sanjeev Prashar ( a Prof.) and Undri, a student, remind me of Sanjeev Kumar, a favourite actor.

Vidya (TC) was a student, and Balan is the favourite heroine.

Shilpa (Arora) were names of more than one students, and Shetty is the star equivalent.

Madhuri Helchel, a former colleague and also a niece (Pai)- Madhuri Dixit is the star equivalent.


Diamond Head said...

American movie goers are enthralled by what is a common house cat's name - Tom (as in the famous Warner Bros cartoon) - their heroes are Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

Harrison Ford is mysteriously neither a Ford nor son of Hari.

Rajendra said...

Fod diya na bechare ko?

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