Convocation of IIM Indore

This was a Brilliant convocation. It was held at a convention centre called Brilliant, and the venue was perfect for the number of guests that came. And despite diplomas being awarded to close to 600 people, it was done super-efficiently in about 2 hours!

Nirmalya Kumar, the Chief Guest, spoke about a global mindset to succeed in branding and selling products made in emerging markets. The Chairman, KV Kamath, spoke of this again being a good time to launch oneself into the corporate world because of radical reforms being pursued by various arms of the government.

In general, the students appeared to be in a  celebratory mood, despite the strain of getting ready and rehearsing through most of the morning, and patiently sitting through the afternoon function.

So curtains came down on another eventful year at the institute. We look forward eagerly to the next, while wishing all outgoing students-now alumni- the best in their Second Life.


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