Small pleasures

It is no secret that the small pleasures are capable of brightening your day far more than a jackpot that you may keep dreaming about. Some of these that I have encountered in recent times (and I am grateful for)-

A call, an email or a facebook contact from an unexpected source.

A long chat over coffee with a friend.

Meeting a fan of my textbook. We were sitting next to each other at a seminar.

A song that plays on radio, just when you were thinking about it.

A nice speech. Modi made one in Parliament that was excellent oratory after a long time. Why should parliament be boring?

A repartee. Sometimes it's better than a party.

An unexpected encounter. Met Amol Palekar at IHC. He was exhibiting his paintings.

Playing a computer game with a kid. I played a couple with my niece.

A nice conversation at the lunch table with colleagues. Happens frequently.

Unexpected weather. It's been raining almost every month at Indore this year.

Watching TV after a long time. I watched a few crime serials like Monk, NCIS (?) and Blue Bloods after a while, along with some Big Bang Theory, and quite enjoyed them. 

Also joined a group of like minded fans of Hindi film music through an old student of mine from XIMB.

Attended a rehearsal for The Importance of Being Earnest being staged by a colleague here. Great fun. Reminded me of Wating for Lefty that we had staged at IIMB years ago. I had starred in it.


Harimohan said…
Brilliant list. I need to make one such myself.
Rajendra said…
thanks, it helps to remember the many good things.

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