Music to My Ears

Here are some people who are music to my ears, no matter when I hear their creations or voices-

Kishore Kumar Khandwewale (he was from Khandwa), who has magic in his voice. A sure cure for the blues is any song from Padosan or Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi starring him. Or in his voice from countless films. I used to like his yodelling a lot when growing up, but now I like any mood that he chooses to bring alive. Even his sombre songs are strangely uplifting!

SD Burman- I deliberately put him ahead of his peers and his son, because he was as original as anyone I heard composing tunes in Hindi films. In fact, many songs that I originally thought were tuned by RD Burman are in fact his creations-youthful, zesty, and a great combo of folk music plus creative use of instruments. Jewel Thief was a masterpiece, along with Teen Deviyan, Aradhana, ...

Rajesh Roshan- very soft tunes, always touching your heart-strings. Many of his songs as composer feature on my list of favourites- from the lilting Chhookar mere man ko kiya tune kya ishara (Yaarana), to the boisterous (by his standards) Tu pee aur jee (Des Pardes), to the lusty Jab chhaye mera jadu (Lootmaar).His Julie tunes were also outstanding.

Mahendra Kapoor- Some of my top favourites are sung by him. For instance, Lakhon hain yahan dilwale (Kismat), Tum agar sath dene ka wada karo (Humraaz), and Chalo ek baar phir se ajnabi ban jaaye hum dono (Gumraah).

RD Burman- His body of work brings out a positive feeling anytime you listen to it. For instance, any song from Teesri Manzil, Yadon Ki Barat, Kati Patang, Mere Jeevan Sathi, Jawani Diwani, Ghar, Amar Prem, Aandhi, Parichay, Namak Haram, and so on. He formed a great team with Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle (Dum Maro Dum still gives me goosebumps after so may years!)


Diamond Head said…
can you get Ganderbumps? or Ganderdips?
Rajendra said…
what's saucy for the goose is saucy for the gander.

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