Dum Laga ke Haisha- Film Review

This is a good feel-good film about an Indian marriage, particularly one involving a girl who is overweight by most standards, but educated and eligible otherwise. Bhumi Pednekar thrives in her role, and Ayushman Khurana in his- he is the reuctant shopkeeper's son who marries her due to family pressure.

A lot of ups and downs happen in their marital life, which are handled with sensitivity. The fact that in India, you marry a family (at least the girl does) is brought home starkly, because hardly anything remains private in the couple's married life.

A couple of critical incidents force the husband to start studying again for his 10th standard exams (unsuccessfully as it turns out), but then, a competition where the husbands carry their wives in a hurdle race (and hence the title of the film) unites the husband and wife (estranged earlier), and there is a happy ending.

The underlying motive/message is good, and the actors pull it off. Worth a watch. There is a mix of comedy and pathos or emotion in appropriate doses to keep the narrative going. The support cast (there is a lot of this) helps the cause.


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