Monsoon Come Soon

Seems it's already here. What's the definition of a monsoon?

Winds from the West, and rains alng with them. The definition fits. So is it monsoon in March? So what happens in April, and May, and the original months, June-September? Well, we shall have to wait and watch.

It has thrown a spanner in the works a bit- I mean, golf plans have had to be postponed a bit, after having discovered a nice little Golf course in Indore. Never mind, we (the Golf course and me) will catch up some day.

IIM Indore also heads towards its Convocation Day on the 28th of March. Many PGP students and some others from the FPM (Ph.D.) and other programs will graduate, and turn into our alumni. A significant moment, indeed.

Before the convocation, we have a treat in store on the 20th, in the form of a play- Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" which is being staged on campus by some really keen students and their mentor-director faculty. It's a cracker of a play, one of Wilde's best, with one-liners galore.


Nice! Looks like IIM-I is turning into an even more fun place with the monsoons coming so soon! :)
Rajendra said…
yes, and due to some people out here :)

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