Speculative Blog on India Australia Match in Progress

I speculate. On what will happen post the outcome of today's India-Australia world cup semi-final match (in progress as of now).

1. India Wins

Everyone and his aunt will take the credit, as if they were on the field. Euphoria will prevail, until the nail-biting and (further) speculation on what it will be like against New Zealand in the finals. All the experts on TV will tell you "I told you so."

2. India Loses

Everyone will blame everyone and their aunt for the abject failure, dismal capitulation, match fixing, money driving sport, and every other possible irrelevant evaluations of a simple fact. They will swear off cricket- not to worry, that will only last till the IPL begins, or India plays something, whichever is sooner. There will be calls for ousting Dhoni, Virat, Jadeja, Sharma (all of them), Ashwin, etc. from the team.

May the better-playing team win. I am not an Octopus!


Diamond Head said…
there is a reason for the term 'organized' sports
Rajendra said…
maybe there should be organised speculation too..or are they linked?

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