NH 10- Film Review

Highly avoidable, in my view.

Hardly any redeeming features. The plot is apparently copied or adapted from an English film a few years old. Adapted into the land of Khap Panchayats, and killing of the girls in the womb and outside in honour killings. What honour does a murderer have(?) is a different question altogether.

But a lot of blood and gore later (perpetrated by almost every character barring the kid), you are left wondering if you were hit by a train (that has a starring role in the film). A plot that is going nowhere and does so consistently, is mostly predictable, and with the exception of a few scenes, sleep-inducing.

Sorry, folks, you gotta do better than this. Go watch some Alfred Hitchcock films. If not, at least some good BR Chopra films- Dhund, Ittefaq, Kanoon, I think were some of his suspense films worth a watch.


Diamond Head said…
As I started reading I thought India had finally built a new highway that in your esteemed opinion was AVOIDABLE
Rajendra said…
thanks for assuming (if only for a moment) that my opinion is esteemed.

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