Why We Get Along with Some

Why Do We Get Along With Some People More Than Others?

Dale Carnegie, don’t squirm, please. I don’t actually know, but I have a few good guesses.

We can talk to some people for a long, long time on everything under the sun.
Some people make us comfortable, so we do the above, and open up.

Some are good listeners, important for people who love talking.
Some are book buddies, who share our love of books- and some, sports buddies. I am talking Golf, but it could be a sport of your choice. It was TT and Badminton when I was growing up.

Some share our good taste. Meaning, whatever we think is good (taste).
Some have a nice laugh (not kidding, try it out on someone you know. But first, you have to learn how to tell a joke).

Some people are helpful, and get us out of a jam (and I am not talking of those who let you copy their homework).
Above all, those who are unconditionally supportive of us (like our mothers, but different in some ways). 

Vibes could be due to karma, past life, if you believe in the stuff. Whatever the reason, it's true that we get along with some better than others.


Nishka said…
The can be or not be family ( usually not) but they just feel like family
Rajendra said…
yes, Nishka. They do. I have a very extended family.
Harimohan said…
I remember reading how google picks its employees. The new book by its founders or some interview. They pick guys who they think are interesting enough to take a seven hour flight (or something like that) with. Would that qualify for getting along?
Rajendra said…
I am not sure, Hari.I am reminded of someone saying that on a ship voyage, you tend to fall in love with anyone and regret it later (was it Wodehouse?). Air journeys are equally boring.
Snehal M said…
Nice article Sir, even I believe in past karma and all

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