Financial Year Ends

Academic year too, but the March 31st year-end blues are usually accounting related. Some of the questions that stare you in the face-

Did I save enough to get all the tax breaks I could? Only a CA or a know-all can answer that question, so I don't worry too much about it. In July, at the time of filing returns, I will have to document all that anyhow, so why not postpone it till then?

What if I have to file for bankruptcy? Since Indian law does not allow an individual to do so (to the best of what I know), once again, I don't worry about this.

The most torturous question actually is this- where do we go to vacation this year in the summer? You can fix the following criteria for making this decision-

Destination should be facebook-friendly.

It should have a net connection.

More than enjoying the destination, you bask in the after-glory anyway, so the place does not really matter.

Happy holidaying- or thinking about it. In May or June or whenever you are ready with the leap into the unknown. May you be able to check out an item on your bucket list.


Diamond Head said…
spring-ing into summer doldrums are we?
Rajendra said…
true to annual form, DH.

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