Great Inventions

These are on my list of my ten great inventions-

  1. Chair-improved our lives and elevated us from the floor.
  2. Spoon-gave us ways of using jars and stirring things up.
  3. Radio-everything else pales before this. An infinite source of information, entertainment and joy. Accessible to the common man. Even Modi uses this to connect with people.
  4. Pen and paper- how else would we have distinguished ourselves from animals? Books are an endless source of joy.
  5. Aspirin- it cures something (headache) with certainty-with most other medicines, you are not really sure.
  6. Homeopathy- again, accssible medicine, and despite what experts tell you, easy to learn and administer yourself. Cures at least a few known uncomfortable conditions.
  7. Sarcasm- without it, life would be dry and humourless. By using this, we also make friends-and lose some. Keeps the wheel of life on an even keel.
  8. Marriage-after laughter, this gets my vote as the next best thing. The twain cannot meet, usually, unfortunately. 
  9. Blogging- you are already being subjected to this, so I shall not speak further on the subject-until my next.
  10. Communism- a better fantasy is yet to be invented. 
 Some day, I will also list out the worst inventions.


Harimohan said…
I was trying to imagine my life without these great inventions. Life would suddenly be empty (and a little painful, if I had to sit down on the floor too long).
Rajendra said…
politicians would agree, if for a different reason. :)

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