Fools' Day

I like Fools' Day the best of all "Days" celebrated globally.

It is one where we shed our pretences- of being smart, intelligent, holier-than-thou, and all the rest.

It is an opportunity to prove to others what they may not always believe. You know what.

It is a day dedicated to humour, unlike too many days when you have to be serious. Seriously, why is it that we don't take laughter seriously? Heart disease would vanish in a jiffy! Imagine Bush, Osama, and so on on a laughing trip. You can't make war when you laugh.

Fools can sometimes be useful. They are the ones who cling to their ideas, and innovate when no one believes in the. You might say we need fools to keep improving things, inventing things.

Now that I have made my case, I will not prolong my argument foolishly, and stop right here.

Happy Foolishness, whichever day you choose it as your companion.


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