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Saw a Marathi film that was really well-made. It is called Coffee ani barach kahi (Coffee and much more). Very nicely directed, simple story of a guy who can't get himself to tell the girl from office that he loves, that he does. She is stuck on the view that he has to propose. The happy ending happens after a lot of waiting, but it is handled well. The lead pair, Prarthana Behere and Vaibhav Tattwawadi, bring life into their roles, and the support cast is also fantastic. Enjoyable experience.

Also watched Byomkesh Bakshi. It has its moments, of detection and the period atmosphere of 1940s Calcutta. But one feels it could have been tighter on the plot- too many China and Japan distractions for people who are zillion years away from the World War make it look less menacing than it could have been. The last scene is overly dramatic and violent. Why the villain does not shoot Byomkesh (or why he, Byomkesh, does not take adequate precautions not to get shot) is not explained by the sequence of events. The deductions are a bit abrupt, and could have been elaborated on a bit, since it is a complex plot. But still, for fans of the genre, a film that will leave you reasonably happy. Any day beats the crap flying around in the name of Bollywood films. Though Rajit Kapoor was better in this role on TV, Sushant is good, and so is the villain. The Sensuous 'Angoori Devi' adds some zing.


Meghna said…
Coffee ani barach nahi sounds interesting. And I agree with your take on Byomkesh. Room for improvement, but still something different.
Rajendra said…
It has been said, "Great minds think alike." Thank you, Meghna.
Diamond Head said…
The coffee ani..title sounds like a Starbucks branch in Nagpur.

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