Fun Evening With Students

The music club of our IPM students organised a fun evening yesterday with some faculty singing. This was a novel idea, since usually we are at the receiving end (of singing). I enjoyed it a lot, and diverse talent was unearthed in the process (not talking of yours truly- I discovered myself quite some time ago), including some talented faculty kids.

There was pretty good participation from all attending faculty -around six of us did some singing, and there were appreciation awards for all participants-always a good idea to encourage future participation. I sang two songs with help from Shweta, a colleague who supplied the lyrics and voice too. Are yaar meri, tum bhi ho ghazab, was a duet which came out well. There was a colleague, Pawan Singh, who sang a high-pitched Mahendra Kapoor song rather well, describing how Kaliyug would pan out, almost like an Orwellian prophecy. That song was from the film Gopi. Another faculty colleague, Venkat, did a couple of nice Hemant Kumar songs.

There were also some neat songs sung by the students themselves, to the accompaniment of guitarists-one of them being a visitor who'd travelled with his guitar from Hyderabad. There were also  a couple of Telugu songs. The compering was first rate, with the threats to sing (from her) being used to good effect.


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