I Decide

Gathering from all my six senses as to what works, I decided-for me, that's a BIG Deal, as I am not a decision-maker by nature-more of a vacillator. But now, inspired by some great guys, I have decided. That I will walk to Kedarnath.

You may well ask, why Kedarnath?

I'd reply, "Why not?"

It's a holy journey, so I can wash a few sins off-bathing in the Ganga is too cold a way of doing it, for me.

It's a good, healthy walk, so I can shed a few pounds, along with my sins.

It is cool out there, so this is a good time to be there- I can't afford to go to Europe.

It is a politically correct thing to do- compared to going to Bangkok.

I might just make it to the headlines.

What if there is a lanslide? Well, it's better to be buried in mud, rather than bury my head in sand!


Diamond Head said…
Wash Ba-sin broke? Kedarnath walk sounds Sin-tilating.
Rajendra said…
My name begins with the letters Ra but any similarities to any other Gaay (guy) walking to Kedarnath are a mere coincidence.

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