Mother's Day- Play Review

This is a Marathi play that stars my cousin Suhita Thatte in a major role. So, naturally, we went in full force to the Balgandharva Rangamandir-me, after a long time.

The play, billed as a black comedy, lives up to its billing. The first act particularly, is full of barbs that fly non-stop, about parent-child relations, sibling rivalry, disregard for the aged, and many things else. Witty dialogue, sharp delivery and great acting from the four women (it's an all-women starrer)-most of whom act together in a TV serial, I understand (with Rohini Hattangadi and a couple of others), it is a must-watch for Marathi speakers.

The second Act is relatively sombre, but brings things to a climax that is somewhat expected, but closed out decently. Makes you think about a mother's unconditional love (a Kaikeyi or two notwithstanding-but even she loved Bharat that way), and how the kids are usually heartless. In this play, the daughters are the heartless ones (but one), while the daughter-in-law is the loving, dutiful one who cares for her mother-in-law in coma.

All in all, a great experience. Coming soon after The Importance of Being Earnest staged at IIM Indore, it put me a in a 'playful' mood.


Diamond Head said…
a Relation Ship IS one of the toughest boats to sail - DH
Rajendra said…
and you never know which oar (direction) it's going, many a time..

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