Court- Film Review

This is a different film, and please don't watch it if you are looking for entertainment. It's in Marathi with subtitles, and has won awards in foreign festivals. That might indicate that the audience has to be of a serious bent of mind to appreciate it.

This is about the court proceedings in two cases-both against an ageing folk singer, who is accused of abetment to suicide, and then, after he gets bail, of inciting violence and being a terrorist sympathiser. All he ever does, actually, is sing folk songs that are sometimes anti-establishment, to crowds that are rarely over a hundred at a time.

The point of the film is to make a statement on our judicial system, and how, unwittingly sometimes, it promotes miscarriage of justice. It also hints at the investigation system and witness presentation system being faulty, leaving judges helpless. Some of our laws date back a 100 years, and are crying out for change.

Other aspects it touches on are the unprotected municipal workers cleaning the drains (symbolic of filth in society?) for us while risking their lives.

All, in all, a serious film, presented realistically, without malice towards anybody. A social commentary well worth a watch by the right kind of audience. My respect for Marathi films is growing.


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