Why Thoughts Occur

If you thought that this was going to be a brainy kind of research-based post on the brain, think again. I just thought (why?) that I should post something and to keep that thought alive, started typing. You get the drift? Ok, so now, let's take it a step further.

Thoughts occur for a few basic reasons.
1. A brain thinks it has to have thoughts.
2. You can ask it to shut up, but usually don't. You know how it is, with certain people; so it is with certain parts of your body.
3. Therefore, thoughts occur.
4. Sometimes, they are simple fulfillable desires-like I want ice cream, or a chai, or, to listen to a song.
5. Sometimes they are not- like wanting to become the ruler of Baghdad (isn't someone?), own a yacht (not sure even how it's spelt), own a beer factory (someone does, I am pretty sure), have twenty butlers at the same time (notwithstanding that they would collide with each other in their eager attempts at buttling), etc..

Then, finally, I thought about why I should think any such random thoughts. And instead, like a good follower of the numerous gurus I have read, decided to be in the present. And concentrate on the cup of tea I have in front. After the effort of all that thinking, it does taste very good.


Diamond Head said…
Saw a stimulating documentary on the history of Chai last night just as I was falling asleep. Priciest yet is made in China and sells for USD 300 per gram.

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