The Vanishing Bookstores

When visiting Pune recently, I found that the Landmark, which originally started out as a bookstore plus in Chennai a few years ago and then got taken over by the Tatas, had closed its branch at SGS Mall, which was accessible easily to me from where I live.

This is not the only bookstore I know that has closed, though. There are many more. Manney's also in the same area as above, shut down earlier. A few Crosswords that I knew of have also closed-one on Bangalore's Residency Road, for instance.

As a person who likes to browse before he buys, I am concerned. That civilisation is in danger, if we only order online and don't want to spend the time browsing in actual physical stores. There seems to be something wrong here. Airport bookstalls were almost a given, until I found two years ago that Delhi's budget departure lounge did not have a book store any more. This is such an obvious place to sell books, so I don't know what went wrong. The greed of the airport in increasing lease rentals, sounds like a plausible explanation.

Anyway, as I was saying, I am concerned. And I hope that there are a few good stores left to sell books during my lifetime.


Diamond Head said…
Departure Lounge and Vanishing Bookstore sound like an oxymoron. Or should it be Dioxymorons?
Rajendra said…
probably di-oxy. Even Oxygen may not be able to revive the bookstores- dead as a dodo.

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