The Earth Quakes

An earthquake is extremely unpredictable in its magnitude and the distance it covers in various forms-like a tsunami, for instance. In December 2004, just as we were concluding an alumni batch meet, we heard of the tsunami that reached coastal Tamilnadu and caused huge damage. It had originated in Indonesia then.

The Himalayas are said to be sitting on a fault line-potential quake zone- and the earthquake yesterday seemed to prove that, as did an earlier one in Uttarakhand a few years ago. Some countries like Japan have got used to earthquakes, and seem better prepared than the rest to tackle it. We still seem indifferent, as typically, we value a life less than the advanced countries such as the U.S. or Japan.

While we need to reach out to those in distress, we can also take some preventive steps, like providing housing that is structurally safe to as many people as possible-not through doles, but through work that pays for it.

This government seems proactive on aiding those in trouble, as it showed in Yemen recently, and that's a welcome change from the past. Hope we get more proactive in preventing disasters too.


Diamond Head said…
The earth let out a big burp literally from two opposite ends - couple of largish volcanoes erupted in CHile the same time Himalaya shook.
Rajendra said…
a question might be- Hungama hai kyun burpa?
Diamond Head said…
thodi si jo peeli hai took on pun(ny) new meaning when I had INKA KOLA in Peru - a bubble gum flavored soda (sparkling yellow)

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