Month-wise Remix of Solomon Grundy

Remixes are possible with nursery rhymes too. One of my favourite rhymes was Solomon Grundy. His life was fast and furious, which I admire. So here goes-

Corporate Solomon Grundy

Born in Jan, Opened facebook account in Feb, B. Tech. in March, Joined Infosys in April, Became Team Lead in May, got an MBA in June, became CEO in July, Retired in August, Joined NGO for climate change in September, Climate changed in October, Nobel Prize in November, and Drowned in December from the melting glaciers.

Aam Admi Grundy

Ramlila maidan in Jan, Hazare ko aakhri salaam in Feb, Delhi election in March, Resigned and bathing at Ganga Ghat in April , Lost in May, Back to monkey tricks in June, Won Delhi in July, Found Kaminey in August, Sting in September, Still coughing in October, Stuck his neck in sand in November, Buried in sand-storm in December.


Diamond Head said…
It is strange but I have never heard a Nursery Rhyme - Cursory observation

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