Car Colour and Personality

I am on the cusp of a breakthrough theory- that car colour is related to the personality of the guy/gal who chose that colour. Check this out-

Dark colours - these guys have dark secrets to them. Tough to unravel.

White- Apparently the most popular colour for a car in India- naive, transparent, find it difficult to hide their feelings, and can get into trouble in a world that prizes diplomacy.

Golden- Have a heart of gold, more valuable than the metal.

Silver- not quite there (Golden), but getting there. Some more effort needed.

Red- impatient, inclined to speeding, paying higher insurance premium (according to American insurance company data).

Blue- They are the people who will take on your blues, or give you the blues. Depends on the season.

Yellow- don't tell me there are guys with yellow cars! Eeeeks..


Diamond Head said…
You will be surprised how many bright yellow sports cars (lo to hi end) get sold in the US..maybe they are the canary in the economy? Less people start buying these the economy must be in a tailspin..
Meghna said…
So is it an irony that all official government cars are white?
Rajendra said…
Meghna, point...maybe only the first word applies to the high and mighty..

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