Ads We Made in 1984

I joined an ad agency, New Horizons, in Delhi after my MBA from IIMB in 1984. The same year, a group of entrepreneurs decided to start an amusement park at Pragati Maidin  in Delhi. We got the contract to make print ads for this Indian Disneyland (albeit a small one) called Appu Ghar, Appu being the mascot for the Asian Games 1982. I found a couple of those ads and am putting them out for your exclusive 'amusement'-
I think entry was Rs.2, and then separate fees for rides.


Diamond Head said…
If you have one you should also post the pic of a Rs.2 note
Rajendra said…
noted..will dig into my hidden safe.
Harimohan said…
The ads are decidedly interesting. We still remember Appu Ghar so that makes a great case for your ads and the brand recall that probably outlasted Appu Ghar itself.
Rajendra said…
Yes, being first in the category also has something to do with it, maybe.

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