Of Beheadings and Not Being the Head

The juicy news story of last evening was that of Jayalalitha being convicted in a disproportionate assets case and sentenced to jail. You might say it is 'just desserts' after having consumed too many to fit into the body or her coat. Or you may marvel at the appropriateness of "Jayl' lalitha going exactly where her name indicated she would- did not need an astrologer to predict that! The side-effect of being in jail is also that she will no longer 'head' the state that she did.

In other corners of the world, we have the drama of a few be-headings by some terrorist group that seems to have followers from across all other corners of the world besides their own corners. There are so many random terrorist groups these days that you have to 'be' different and use your 'head' to be noticed. So, therefore, the clever use of other people's heads. As the Queen famously said in a popular story, it is "Off with their head". As long as the head is not yours, it hardly matters if it is attached to the body or detached from it. And if you are attached to it, too bad. You can always come back in your next life as the Head of a rival group and get back at the guys who took away your crown in this one.


Diamond Head said…
Heads you 'lose' and tails I win?
Nishka said…
"Off with their heads!!" It seems the Queen was more in tune with the times than we thought so is our world really Alice's Wonderland- filled with crazies and despotic leaders on every side!!
Rajendra said…
Yes, Nishka, it does seem so. It's a world of chickens making others headless, maybe.

DH, right again.

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