Nagpur Revisited

I am a big fan of Nagpur for various reasons-professional and personal. I spent three good years there at what I consider one of the best business schools in India-IMT Nagpur among great students, staff and faculty. Its campus has a soothing effect on anyone who spends significant time there. We used to hear this from students, but also from visitors who came in for a few hours. The city also has a great charm. It is not overcrowded like most other cities.

So it was a great pleasure to visit again, and though I was not able to play Golf-one thing I try to do when there- I did many things joyful. Meeting friends of course being the prime one. Here is the pic to prove it. Colleagues Gadgil, Vijayakumar, Anantram and TK Chatterjee at hotel Tuli enjoying a lunch. It was also Vijayakumar's 61st birthday.

Also went to Bangalore to IFIM B School in e-city for my PhD student's final viva after that. She is my second student at VTU to have completed the doctorate. Nice feeling.


Diamond Head said…
Viva - had not heard her vo(i)ce for ages and also reference to a restaurant as a Hotel. All is well!
Rajendra said…
ha, ha, ha, indeed!
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