What the Prime Minister Cannot Do For You

Thought I would make it clear for those who think God and after him/her, the PM ought to do things for them. These are the things, folks, he cannot do for you.

1. Change your kid's diaper
2. Clean up your house and the adjacent plot where you dump your waste
3. Teach your kids (good) manners
4. Stop you from discriminating against your girl child
5. Stop you from taking/giving dowry
6. Help you be a nice human
7. Develop your potential and help you search for a suitable career
8. Entertain you by giving you one-liners like a stand-up comedian (or Lalu Yadav)
9. Fix your broken marriage
10. Grow things in your garden

A related joke that I am reminded of- A man complained to God that he wasn't looking after him. He was so unlucky compared to his fellow earthlings. Why, for instance, did he not win a lottery?
God replied that HE had made all arrangements for the man to win a lottery, but he had to buy a ticket first!


Awesome Sirji!

Couldn't agree more.
The change has to come from within!
Aakhir NaMo kya kya karenge?
Anil Kshatriya said…
He can help you sell things that you grow in your garden by launching PMGSY...Pradhan Mantri Garden Sales Yojana!
Diamond Head said…
Since another uniquely Indian activity of spitting cannot be helped how about having cell phone designers given a challenge to deliver an ergonomic spitoon attached to their phone? If desi's spit as many times as they text then this invention will go long way to avoiding outbreaks of Ebola, Dengue etc ...then again maybe an outbreak will solve a lot?
Rajendra said…
Thank you, Shraddha.
PMGSY does seem feasible, Anil!
DH, you get a prize for 'jugaad innovation'-another unique Indian thing.

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