Odd, Rare, Fun Songs

Many are not heard because the movies they were in did not make it, or they are too old. But some of these songs are very pretty and fun to listen to. For example,

Pretty pretty Priya - Tanuja learns dancing, from Jalal Agha and friends.

O meri pran sajani Champavati aja- Anil Dhawan and Jaya Bhaduri watch this and get inspired.

Pyar ka rahi ruk nahin sakta, dil ki umang yeh kehti hai. Kishore, Asha, in a Shankar-Jaikishen tune.

Woh pari kahan se laoon, teri dulhan jise banaoon...bachelor Gangaram ( Manoj Kumar) gets a bevy of beauties to choose from...Sharda's voice, with Mukesh..

Another fascinating song in a different genre I found while trawling the web. Must be one of the prettiest piano gals in Hindi films. The song is from Shagoon, and it's Khayyam's music with Sahir's lyrics. Tum apna ranjo-gham-apni pareshaani mujhe de do. Wah!


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