Mary Kom- Film Review

The movie about the lady boxer from Manipur is worth a watch for three reasons-

To learn about the Manipuri way of life, which the support characters have etched out well.

The lovely scenic locations both of Manipur ( I presume) and elsewhere.

The story of a gritty woman, and an angel of a husband who supports her in every way possible.

The subject is interesting, and the story, predictable. The boxing matches are done well, but there are some repetitive shots of both the matches in the ring and the training- five more minutes could have been edited out to make it crisper. The coach has done a good job. There is an attempt to bring out the evils in 'the system' and officials who seem to have infinite powers to do damage to sport.

3.8 on 5. Priyanka has done the title role well. An aside- the plug for Iodex is hilarious!

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