The Helmetian Dilemma

Hamlet was not the only guy with a dilemma. The helmet is also in a similar crisis of identity- the question in this case being, "Am I a legally required accoutrement (hope the word is right) or not?"

Man has debated several philosophical problems in his lifetime of a billion years, give or take a few, but he is yet to find the solution to the problem of whether a helmet is required to be worn by law in his neighbourhood/city/country.

This dilemma is sometimes comic and sometimes tragic. For every case of a two-wheeler rider perishing due to the lack of one, you hear of another where the person perished in spite of wearing one.

Many a time, it is tough to make out what a helmet is made of, and one wishes it was 'sterner stuff'. Like the joke about the airlines. A wise guy said, "If the black box is indestructible, why don't they build the whole airplane with that stuff?"

The weather in our country (India) being tropical has its own contribution to make. In summers, it is suffocatingly hot, making it dangerous to wear some of the badly designed helmets. In the rains, it actually is nice to have the head protected. So should it be seasonal, then?


Harimohan said…
One may assume that the black box is the soul of the plane (and hence is indestructible) while its body and the rest of the bodies are not. I suppose all helmets also have this soul and body components. Unfortunately that logic only applies to the helmet and not what's inside it.
Diamond Head said…
I think the answer to the dilemma is to find a Heavenly Mate
Rajendra said…
You mean the opposite of a hell-mate? hmm..
Diamond Head said…
equivalent to U-topia (topia = aka helmet in Marathi)
asahai99 said…
RN Sir,
As always your writings are informative and always with a twist in the tail but very humbly I would like to add something.
While my muslim brothers and their sisters claim the earth was specially made for them the truth is we came much later to claim it. The first mammals appeared 230 million and the hominids five million years ago.

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