What's with names? Can they be your nemesis (Ok, this word comes from reading Phantom (the nemesis of pirates) comics, folks)?

I mean, Messi? Why not Tidy? Ok, if that sounds like an advertisement for Proctor and Gamble (another crazy name, by the way), maybe Clean. While we are at it, company names too sound odd at times.

My theory about cricketers' names was that you ought to have a name that sounds right. My guess that Lalchand Rajput would never make it with a name like his, came true.

Many film stars realise it and change their names in time. Haribhai Jariwala wouldn't have the same appeal as Sanjeev Kumar, would it? Tun Tun is the only exception I know. Uma Devi was actually a better name, but maybe the new one 'positioned' her well for those funny cameos in films. Yusuf saab benefited from becoming Dilip Kumar, and Jatin Khanna from turning into Rajesh. Madhubala sounds shaayarana compared to her original name, which I have forgotten.

So, the upshot of all this is, I am now looking out for a new name. Suggestions?


Depends on what you need a new name for. :)
Rajendra said…
to introduce myself to aliens?
.-. .- .--- . -. -.. .-. .- / -. .- .-. --. ..- -. -.. -.- .- .-.

If this fails, then you might have a slightly bigger problem than what name to give 'em. :)
Rajendra said…
is this Egyptian (Morsi) code?
-.-- . ...

Or, as us non-Egyptians would say, "yes"
Diamond Head said…
._.. _ _ _ ._.. = LOL

- reminds me of my HAM days (not being a pig in a sty but rather an amateur radio operator)
Rajendra said…
yes, I remember hearing a 'sales' talk (Amway style) for this thing where the Morse code was made to look like a secret love letter!

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