Tattoo Tittle Tattle

I decided to get myself a tattoo. After all, I had got a facebook page, a Whatsapp account (for a while), a Samsung mobile, and so on. The only thing lacking in my life now was a tattoo. The only problem that remained was "what to tattoo?" (no, this is not an attempt at inventing tongue-twisters)

I thought of my first girlfriend's name. But that would be unfair to the subsequent ones. My favourite movie actress? But I had one for each decade that I watched films (you can see I am 'decadent' many times over). So should it be the golden sixties, the roaring seventies, the throbbing eighties, the novel nineties, or the new millennial decade of 2000 plus? It was too confusing. So I thought of  my favourite quote. But it wouldn't fit easily. I would have to give an arm and a leg for it.

Then, I thought of a slogan. If I had to pick one defining slogan that would capture what I would like to do now, later and forever, that would be my watchword for life, what would it be? And it came to me in a flash- Relax. So I did, and postponed the tete- a- tete with the tattoo artist to another day.


ಭಾಶೇ said…
Are you serious about getting a Tattoo done??!!! :O
Rajendra said…
no, just speculating.
Kushal said…
Wow. Such are the modern times, i guess! Do let us know what the tattoo is finally!
Diamond Head said…
why not get a tuttoo (equine kind) to ride and ruminate (or the tuttoo can do the ruminating) on what the tatoo is?
Rajendra said…
next trip to Kedarnath (if both of us are around) will do just that.

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