There was an air of resignation and frustration in the country (India) during the last three or four years. The rot started at the top. Actually, a downturn in the economy is not the end of the world. Every country has faced one, including The Great Depression of 1929 in much of the Western world. But what accompanied that downturn was a sort of 'waiting for doomsday' attitude among everyone, starting at the top-the PMs' office.

The Modi campaign caught on to this and projected their version of a rosy future (achche din aanewale hain), which got the young voters and old enthused. There was a spurt in voting percentage, and selfies abounded on the social media, showing that someone had voted. Somewhat like the "Yes, we can" campaign that Barack Obama ran.

Now that government formation has happened, all that goodwill must be utilised to do some serious building up of the physical and other infrastructure of the country. The positivity should remain, and be a part of the growth story, before cynicism gets hold of everyone (as it is prone to), and the gains of the campaign are frittered away. This is a great opportunity that the electorate has given- a clearer mandate has never come for good governance to unleash our potential.

Incidentally, Sumitra Mahajan, the Indore M.P. is the Speaker of the Lok sabha. Wishing her good luck and the government good sense!


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