My Comments on the Headline News

There have been, in the past three days, around three or four stories doing the rounds of the news channels on Indian TV. Uncannily, all channels have the same stories. Makes you wonder, in a country of about 1.2 billion, if that is all that is happening. As I speak, a new story, on onion prices, has started doing the rounds. Instead of investigating who is planting the stories (not onions), I will concentrate on the learnings from these news stories.

1. PM goes to Bhutan. This is a masterpiece, because firstly, it improves everyone's general knowlegde. Not many people in the world know where Bhutan is. Heck, many in South Carolina (US) did not know where Florida is. You can imagine what educating India must feel like. TV journos too-educating them, I mean.

2. Preity Zinta, actress, filed a case for harassment and verbal abuse against ex-boyfriend and current business partner, businessman Ness Wadia. Moral of the story seems to be- if you are pretty, don't mess with Ness. Or is it Ness, you don't mess with pretty women? We'll find out.

3. There are murders and rapes happening at the rate of two per day in U.P. Having tried to set up records in many different things, the state has at last established a clear lead in these unsavoury stats - a sad 'state' of affairs. Badayun, made famous by the lyricist Shakeel Badayuni, is at the rough end of the stick.

4. The Kedarnath tragedy (landslide in the mountains) is still producing random bodies, among charges of inadequate rescue and search operations. Moral- venture out there when all your worldly affairs have been settled, because you never know if you'll make it back.


Diamond Head said...

likely follow up page turners might include -
1. PM comes back differently 'Tan'ned
2. 'Ness' should visit a Loch named after his bearers (perhaps) somewhere in Scotland and seek solace
3. People switch to shallots (onions lowly cousin)

Rajendra said...

head-turners for headlines?

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