Postcards from Bali-4

This is the evil spirit-defeating dance called Barong. Somewhat like the masked dragon dances of China. Lot of classical dances feature themes from the Ramayana etc. There is one called the Kecaka, and many others. Watched a few on TV too.

The street food had a unique kind of soup with mysterious ingredients, and a roomali roti-wrapped omelette cut into square box-like shape. Quite tasty. I also tried out Guinness for the first time. Dark-coloured beer from Ireland. Black is beautiful, even here.

The Balinese massage is a bit harder than the Thai one, if mine was anything to go by. But the aromatic cream used was nice.

Went to a coffee factory, and bought some strong coffee called Peaberry. They also do Arabica. It was a brand called Butterfly. There is a very expensive coffee, Luwak, where the bean passes through an animal's intestine, and the enzymes add to the taste. Didn't actually taste it, it was the one referred to by Jack Nicholson in the Bucket List- the film.


Diamond Head said…
Have they Balinese lifted prohibition? I had heard that alcohol was Verboten!
Rajendra said…
Alcohol is available freely, as far as I could see.

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