The Hospitable Hindus of Bali

This is not a religious discourse, but just an element of surprise that fellow Hindus can be so hospitable! Yes, it is a surprise, because I live in a land where tourists are usually taken for a ride, and we are not so hospitable out here. Maybe at one time, but no longer. The Buddhist Thais have beaten us to it by a mile!

The culturally rich Indonesians (judging from Bali)
are certainly more evolved than us, in terms of how they treat their surroundings- they are a lot cleaner, in general. They also revere their mountains, and their offerings at the temples are unique. Even their street decorations for festivals are so attractive yet simple. Best of all, there is no racket and rush to get in to a temple to touch/view the deity, who is inconspicuous. So are the priests. The surrounding courtyards of the temple are maintained beautifully.

A lakeside temple (Ulun danu on lake Beratan in Bedugul) has a spectacular setting, and another temple complex on the sea-shore (Tanah Lot) is breathtaking. See painting in the pic above.

The first sight of the Ngurah Rai airport (named after a young freedom fighter who fought the Dutch colonisers) is lovely, like a postcard. The blue water accompanies you as the plane glides in, running along the airstrip. Boats dotting the water add to the charm. There were flights from Thai, Australian, Chinese and Japanese airliners, but not Indian.


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