Sounds of Bali

The sounds of the words used in Bhasa (language) Indonesia are musical, and some are similar to those used in the Malay language. For instance, Pintu is a gate. Pintu Keberangkatan is the departure gate (at the airport). Jalan is a street, same as in malaysia. We were on Jalan Kartika Plaza, close to Jalan Raya Kuta, in a hotel called Paradiso. This is close to the Kuta beach, where footballers seem to hold sway in the evening. Pertokoan is the word for shops, which when closed have a sign that says Tutup (closed).

At the airport, a sweet voice makes announcements beginning with the words "Prohebian, prohebian," which I assume means "attention, attention."

Pura is a temple, and sari means the essence. Shops selling seafood called themselves "Essence of the sea." Denpasar, Ubud and Sanur are regions on the island, each known for something. My conference was at the Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort  many kilometres away, and among other things has a golf course on the shore next to the sea. Nice conferencing facility, for 4 parallel tracks.

Refreshingly, an Indian rupee goes a long way in Indonesia, as a dollar is equal to about 11000 Rupiah. Figure out the rest.

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very interesting.

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