Humshakals- Film Review

This is what can aptly be described as a khichdi film- neither here nor there. It takes too many different gags or elements from too many diverse films, and the resultant brew is tough on your digestive systems.

First, the constant switches between the lookalikes which ought to be a pleasant surprise, get tiresome after they happen once too often. Three of each is a bit 'three' much too. Saif and Riteish are not bad, but Ram Kapoor overacts, and is only in a slightly better position than the three girls, who get to do so little, except plan a stupid scheme to break in to a board meeting. Satish Shah is wasted in a stupid fan-of-Hitler role. He is capable of much more.

Individual scenes are good and bad, some of the good ones being straight lifts from various sources- usually Hollywood or British comedies such as Carry on Doctor, or Mel Brooks' movies. Some scenes are so bad that they evoke yawns rather than laughter. The songs are atrocious, and could have been totally edited out. But I guess Himesh Reshammiya Rozgar Yojana has to go on.

On the whole, you could give it a miss and watch Padosan, Gol Maal, or Angoor again- the last being a classic lookalikes movie, with great acting by Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma.


Aditi said…
I agree completely sir.. It's a waste of time and money. It's like the most nonsense minds sat together to make cheap comedy show
Ken Jolly said…
Love Khichadi films, love stupid, stupider the better, reminds ME of ME, no time to 'think or critic', just make Akshay fly in the air with one hit in 'Chandini Chowk to China'. WHY WORRY ? BE HAPPY, (my fav. slogan from MAD magazine), just send me a list of the stupidest movies you have seen so that I can rush to see them PLEASE....
Kiran (the Non-Thinker)
Rajendra said…
Kiran, for starters, try Kranti, made by 'Bharat' Manoj Kumar. A stupider film is yet to be made, most likely.

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