Glimpses of Batchmates-1

Some batchmates from IIMB 82-84. Character sketches then authored by various people who knew them intimately.


A cat in anything he takes up, he is still trying to figure out why with his looks and build, he still doesn't get the looks he should be getting. No wonder he sticks with Benji who operates in a sellers' market. "I am too modest to fill in the 'Man of the Batch' and 'Person of the Batch"', he said. Modesty, thy name is Arvind Rao!


On her own admission, she was a "total scatter-brain". However, going by her prolific scores, we would rather drop that word "scatter". There is probably only a little bit of role-confusion- she sometimes forgets which PGP batch, and which section, she belongs to.
“When you are a compulsive talker, why hide it from the world?”


The people of Gaul were brave by comparison! This man believed that the water heater would blow in his face so he always switched it off after he had used it. Other people coming for a bath subsequently were obviously no concern of his – a real random number for you!
“Random memories- Life’s full of them”.


Jose writes - "Sriyut Ramadas alias Chhabiram alias Ronnie, Maharajadhiraj, Sultan-ul-Mulk, Shah-en-Shah-e Bannerghatta, Rustam-e-Hind, Sher-e-Hyderabad, etc., etc., is one of the nicest persons in IIMB". We heartily agree. It was fun just to sight him rolling along merrily. He was "pleasure objectified". His hobby : Defending mess grub.
“If food be the music of Life, play on”.


Harimohan said…
What are they all doing now? Would be interesting to know what they are doing and what they think of those glimpses now.
Rajendra said…
Arvind runs his own business, Deepika is an HR consultant in the U.S. Not too sure of the others.

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