Agneepath- Review

It is difficult to believe- the script, I mean, if you bring logic into it. That an entire village is moronic enough not to figure out there is a motive behind framing the honest school-teacher. Anyway, if you keep logic aside for a moment, it's a reasonably taut film, mostly due to the larger than life, Gabbar Singh-like character created for Sanjay Dutt.

The characters are very well-etched, strong and believable. Om Puri, Priyanka, Sachin Khedekar (I think)and the lovely young kid sister of Hrithik, add to the storyline with good performances. Even Priyanka's mom and the dai who helps deliver the kid (she happens to be a relative of mine, incidentally) do well in their short roles.

Unbiased from not having watched the Bachchan version, I think it qualifies as a good movie of its type. Whether you like the type (revenge, a la Deewar, with Rishi Kapoor playing one of the dons), is what you need to figure out. Hrithik looks passionate, somewhat like Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar, but underplays his part, convincingly. The last bit of the fight is a bit over-the-top generally, but I guess, meant for the masses.

Chikni Chameli- Katrina seems to have discovered the 'body language' that the 70s extras used so effectively. The Ganesh song is very energetic and nicely picturised.


ಭಾಶೇ said…
I felt the movie was very intense and gets one involved.
Agree to the logic part of it though.

Songs are all catchy and good acting performances too.

Now I am wanting to watch the oldie.

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