Unique Service Experience

I had a unique service experience yesterday- an adventure (not an 'ad' venture) of sorts. I was to go to Nagpur from Hyderabad. But something happened to the plane, and it was not flying. No problems, bad moods can happen to anyone.

So, the airline was kind enough to put me and a few others like me (not in appearance, but choice of destination, airline and flight) on a plane from Hyderabad to Mumbai and then on to Nagpur. To boot, we had complimentary use of the lounge at Hyderabad, with some excellent biryani to keep us satiated while we waited- this line's almost poetic.

The journey went off well, and though I was a few hours late, I did not mind it too much, as no important engagement was missed, and the check-in girl at Hyderabad was quite polite and apologetic. An effective service recovery? Yes, I would say so. Since I am (or was) in the business of teaching Services Marketing, I am interested in my own and others' experience of various services. So I can include them in the next edition of my book.

I also got a chance to ponder the most important question looming over mankind- is Valentine's Day the most hyped card/flower/chocolate/dinner selling occasion in the year? Would like to know your views.


Harimohan said…
Can't see any other occasion coming close to Valentines Day for all that activity. Its amazing how we do it though. I'd have thought that we Indians are too self centered to give it to others (even if we claim to love them) and too kanjoos to spend on ourselves. Nothing like some good marketing to loosen the purse strings and the heart strings.
Dr. Seven said…
Wow! If only American airports/airlines would offer Biryani as compensation for delays! That can only happen in Hyderabad!

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